I really hate talking about myself, so I will do the best I can here.

I like peanut butter. I’m 25 and have two kids, Shane and Fallon. I’m married to a wonderful man who puts up with my crab-assery with patience and grace that I do not deserve. We have two cats, Ink and Pandora. We’re a military family and have moved more times than I can count in the last few years.

I’ve written since I could read and before I could spell (scribble stories so count!). I enjoy a ton of different crafts, which I usually call distractions and a means of procrastination. I am also a gamer, which is by no means any sort of distraction (except from life) and usually ends up causing my procrastination to reach new heights of epic fail.

My favorite things to write about, and coincidentally the hardest for me to write about, are the dead and the redemption of the damned. I like to believe that even the worst sorts of people have an honorable reason for doing the horrible things that they have done in their lives. Nearly every bad deed can be justified, even if the justification does not make sense to outsiders. It is my goal to warp the minds of my readers to get them to not only hate, but also sympathize with my villains. Whether or not I succeed in that has yet to be seen.

In my journey through the writing craft, I have developed many friendships. Most were short-lived and once their usefulness squeezed out, we moved on. (I am a firm believer that we take from people what we need at that time and learn from each person we know. Some friendships, like these mentioned here, are for that purpose. A sort of Kismet, if you will.)

I have also developed friendships that I hope will continue. In particular, I have met three wonderful women with whom I share a deep love of fiction and fantasy; Jillian Jenkins, Pamela MacLean and Crystal MacLean. Together the four of us write, chat and usually pick on one another from complete opposite ends of the United States. We also started a group on LiveJournal where we share our different takes on the same prompts. We call the group Enchanted Storytellers. In no way do we think we have been blessed beyond any other writer to call ourselves ‘Enchanted,’  but we do all share the love of fantasy and enchantment in writing.

This group launched its big début in February 2010, so pardon our dust as we continue to organize, write and share our lives through fiction with the rest of the world.

Enough of me. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy what you see here.

-Jaeden Knight

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