Devil in the Details

Devil in the Details

by Jaeden Knight

Sarah slept in their bed with the sunlight slowly creeping down her body. Ethan lounged beside her, watching her sleep, counting the freckles that spread across her nose. He watched the shadows twist in the navy blanket draped across her, barely covering her, managing to conceal the only parts that really mattered.

He didn’t want her to go. She had to go.

He reached out and tentatively touched the very tips of her eyelashes. Her eyes squinted reflexively, and still she slept. Sarah never wore make up, she didn’t need it. Her lashes were this caramel brown that disappeared the further you got from her eyes, just like the barely there freckles. He’d realized he lost count.

They draped themselves over her nose, across the tops of her shoulders, her chest and disappeared. Her breathing was slow and steady, the blanket rising and falling gently. Hours ago, his lips touched her chest, her lips, her arms. She radiated heat and passion and damn was she beautiful. The blush in her cheeks, her fingers buried in clenched blankets.

And Miriam. She would be home soon.

Ethan couldn’t help but lose himself in the smallest of things that Sarah did. She was everything he wanted Miriam to be. She put all of herself into the most trivial of efforts, baking cookies, making the bed just the way that Miriam does, teasing the hair at the back of his neck.

Ethan shivered.

Miriam wanted to get married, to have a family, for Ethan to be something he wasn’t. She wanted to have something to brag about at high school reunions and family Christmas parties. All Ethan could give her was a couple cats in place of kids, and a non-committal boyfriend who would pander to her placation and look with disinterest at engagement rings.

She liked the square shaped diamonds that he thought should only be used for emeralds. She wanted a platinum band made to look like ivy, and tiny diamonds in the leaves that would hug the not emerald. She’d made him look for years and never found something that was good enough for her.

Sarah was content with what she had. A successful job at an advertising company, a downtown condo, friends, family, and him when Miriam was gone, which was becoming more and more often. She never expected any more and asked for less.

Crazy how the little things made a world of difference in two otherwise similar women.

Sarah opened her eyes. Streaks of gold in chocolate infinity.

“Hey babe.” She sounded like someone had taken sandpaper to her voice. She always sounded like that, like how any one else would sound if they were sick.

He smiled at her and stuck his fingers in her hair and traced her jaw with his thumb. She kissed his nose and rolled over and out of the bed, still naked.

She’d come from a cocktail party, a business event to celebrate the merger of her company and a smaller one. They considered the merger to be a “beneficial move for both firms,” he was sure that the smaller company wouldn’t agree. She pulled the silver straps up over her legs, her hips, her stomach and slipped her arms in and pulled them at last over her shoulders.

“You look like an angel in all that silver shimmer.”

She smiled at him and climbed, with one knee on the bed and kissed him. A soft, sweet kiss that implied she was leaving again, but call her when he could and she’d come back.

“More like your devil, the other woman. Have you proposed yet? I don’t think I could be with a married man,” she teased.

“Nah, no proposals.”

She turned and left, smiling one last time at him over her left shoulder. She’d insisted long ago that he stop walking her out. It was too formal for her tastes and they’d been seeing each other long enough now that she felt they were past formalities. Maybe they were.

Ethan turned his head, still buried deep in the pillow and wished she were still in the mess of blankets with him.

Glitter. A very faint and light dusting of silver glitter. It must have come off her dress. Why designers used it, he would never know. It always made a mess.

Perhaps he would leave it there. See if Miriam saw the little bit of Sarah she left behind.

His sparkling devil.

Copyright © 2009 by Jaeden Knight


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