The Art of Old Stuff

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For the past couple weeks, Mondays have become “clean the entire house” days. My big project for today was to go through a big stack of papers and toss out the old junk. There was a lot of junk.

I found several copies of some work that I’d done in high school all marked up in pretty colors. I’d forgotten that I’d written these short (SHORT) pieces and about the group of writers who took the time to look them over. Just looking at the names of those writers brought back a lot of great memories from that group, and a lot of not so great ones of the divorce I was going through at the time.

I think after I get my to-do list caught up on (if I ever) I may go back through those old things and actually read them. Maybe I’ll even tweak them and make them better. Who knows, I might even post one of them.

I’ve always liked going through old stories. It’s like going through an old photo album. You get to re-live the moments. Some of them aren’t always great, like remembering how you tortured yourself over coming up with the perfect word for any given sentence. Or how late you stayed up trying to remember what you’d written on a draft that your word processor decided to dump.

Some of the memories, though, are wonderful. You don’t forget the thrill of having found that perfect word, getting lost in the draft, and being able to see nothing but the scene before your eyes and not realizing that you’ve written for hours and the rest of the house has long since gone to bed. Its moments like that which make writing more addictive than any drug. It make you a crazy person.

I wouldn’t wish this addiction on anyone who hasn’t already had a taste. To those that have, revel in it. There’s nothing else on earth like it, and don’t get discouraged when people look at you strange when you start talking to yourself. Usually, that means you’re doing something right.

So, perhaps later, I will relive the moments nearly 10 years old now. I wonder how horrible I used to write. LOL It will really be fun to see what kind of progress I’ve made. (Because writing is both a craft and an art, and still requires practice at any stage.)


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